Wasps are beneficial insects, although they are generally considered to be pests because of their ability to sting. Wasps, in particular, can become a problem in autumn when they may disrupt many outdoor activities. People often mistakenly call all stinging insects “bees”. While both social wasps and bees live in colonies ruled by queens and maintained by workers, they look and behave differently. It is important to distinguish between these insects because different methods may be necessary to control them if they become a nuisance.

Bees are usually not normally a concern for humans as they are often only seen in dispersed numbers throughout the garden. However when congregating (when building a hive/nest or alike) they can be considered a nuisance and cause a sometimes serious sting (which can become fatal if a serious allergic reaction occurs).

There are many ways to be rid of wasps. These methods can include nest or hive control, chemical control and professional service control. Professional advice and service are required when wasps are present in extreme places such as inside or around the home, inside the insulation or high in trees and hard to reach places.

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