Rats and mice are serious pests of humans and they can, in some cases, be difficult to control. Not only do they carry disease and contaminate food, but they can also inflict serious bites to humans. Like their smaller cousin the mouse, rats are most active under the cover of darkness. Holes chewed in food boxes and bags, along with nearby trails of droppings, are evidence of the presence of rats.

The distribution and abundance of pest rodents are largely determined by the availability of food and shelter. Rats and mice live and nest within buildings indefinitely, provided they have access to food (perhaps water) and shelter.

Often, rodents will enter and nest in buildings only seasonally. In such cases, the rodents may begin to investigate buildings in autumn or winter, for if a suitable nesting site is established with a food source within reasonable range, the somewhat warmer nesting conditions may facilitate more productive breeding.

Mice and Rats contaminate food with their droppings and urine. They spread such diseases as salmonella bacteria (food poisoning), leptospirosis, and typhus. As well, they carry parasites such as fleas, roundworms, and mites. A bite inflicted by a mouse or rat should receive prompt medical attention.

Our technician will complete a thorough investigation of your home looking for signs of rodent activity as well as discuss with you any concerns and possible entry points which may assist in your rodent service. Areas included in the inspection are all internal areas including your roof voids, underfloor if accessible and surrounding gardens and outbuildings. Following the inspection your technician will place bait and/or stations to the appropriate areas informing you of their location on your property. He will then inform you of any proofing required at your home to help prevent further infestation.

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