Effective control of ants often relies on knowledge of their foraging and nesting habits.

More specifically, where a given infestation is being treated, a thorough survey and inspection should be carried out. By following trails particularly, where possible, those of workers loaded with food, the location of the nest, either approximately or precisely, may be determined.

Direct treatment of the nest, where possible, can provide the most effective, longer term control. Alternatively, the use of chemical barriers that interfere between the nest and possible food source is often effective.

Prevention with this particular pest is the best method to help reduce ant activity and therefore treatment costs, listed are some methods to help reduce ants being drawn on site. Reduce rubbish lying around and co-ordinate rubbish pick up times to best suit site needs.  Reduce water lying around on site, particularly around bins. Dispose of food scraps effectively.

Pay attention to garden beds during warmer months. Seal cracks and crevices leading to problematic or food preparation areas. Housekeeping and the attention to possible food sources are critical in reducing and attracting ants on site.

Our technician will complete a thorough investigation of your home before starting this service looking for signs of ant activity as well as discuss with you any concerns you may have on site. Areas to be spray treated are all crack and crevices around you home including all windows, weep holes, door frames, eaves and fence and clothes lines. All trailing ants and nests found on site will be directly treated with a residual insecticide. A powder will also be blown into your roof void for ant control. Usually a follow up visit will performed 10 to 14 days later.

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